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When to Call Hospice

When you need help planning end of life care. 

  • During an informational visit, we can help you think through options for yourself or a loved one.

When you are not sure if a patient is ready for hospice care.

  • Just ask for a free evaluation.  Our Medical Director can also discuss the situation with the patient's primary physician.

When a loved one is nearing the end of life.

  • Call for an informational visit or evaluation if the patient:

    • has a terminal illness, or

    • has had two or more hospitalizations for a chronic condition in the past year, or

    • is eating less, sleeping more, withdrawing from social interactions, and getting progressively weaker.  

There is no charge or obligation for information visits or evaluations. 

Once a patient is enrolled, all hospice services are paid for by Medicare, Medi-Cal, and private insurance.  

Admissions (707) 445-5042

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