Volunteer Vigil Program

The volunteer Vigil Program schedules trained Patient Care Volunteers to sit with patients during their final hours. Volunteers may provide companionship by simply being present with the patient, playing soft music, providing a gentle touch of comfort or offering prayer if it is requested. Volunteers treat the patient with dignity and respect. They are trained to alert the Hospice of Humboldt medical staff to any problems or concerns that might arise.

Patients in skilled nursing facilities or residential care facilities who have no friends or family members able to be at their bedside may be considered for this program. We realize that even if there is family in the area, they may not be able to be present with the patient and vigil volunteers may be needed. We will respect that many families are comfortable with a patient being alone, especially if they are confident in the care at the facility.

If you have further questions about this wonderfully compassionate program, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 707-267-9813.