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Who is Eligible for Hospice Services?

Anyone is eligible for Hospice care if they

  • have a prognosis of six months or less to live if their terminal condition runs its normal course,
  • have elected not to continue with curative treatment,
  • want to live the remainder of their lives in their own residence, rather than in an acute care setting, and
  • live within 50 miles of our office in Eureka.

Hospice care is available to all, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. Patients of any age are accepted, and with any terminal condition, including debility and dementia. Patients may receive care at home, or in a residential care facility or skilled nursing facility.

When to Call Hospice

Call Hospice if you wouldn’t be surprised if your patient died within the next year. The most common complaint we receive from our patients’ families is “Why didn’t we know about you sooner?” Even if you think the patient is not yet ready for Hospice services, it is better for the family to have information about hospice before they need it, than to wait so long the patient and family cannot take full advantage of all the support and care we can give them.

Call Hospice if there is a sudden decline or the onset of multiple co-morbidities in an elderly patient. A rapid change in condition in the elderly may signify time for Hospice care. Our nurses can assess the patients according to disease guidelines that determine Hospice eligibility.

Call Hospice when your patient is declining and family members are calling more and more to ask questions and express concern. Hospice can meet with the family to explain end of life options and plan for the future. We can assist with advance directives and other planning documents.

Call Hospice if you see a progressive loss of functioning in your patient’s condition. Our Medical Director, Dr. John Nelson, can evaluate your patient to determine if he or she is appropriate for Hospice care.

Call Hospice if your patient is in the ICU and the family is considering comfort measures only. Hospice can support the family, help with decision-making, and make arrangements for placement if the patient cannot be cared for at home.

How to Make a Referral

It is easy. Just contact our Admissions department between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays, at 707-445-5042 or fax the referral form to 707-445-5041. We’ll schedule a visit with the patient and family and get back to you with our evaluation and recommendation.

HIPAA Caution

Unfortunately our email system is not HIPAA compliant, so please do not email us any confidential patient information. This information can be faxed, provided you use a cover sheet that does not contain patient information, and includes a Confidentiality statement.

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